Home of Auburn’s Favorite Square Treat


Each of our donuts are made the old-fashioned way: handcrafted every day early in the morning to be served that day.


Our Donuts are best enjoyed when they are fresh – that’s why we make them fresh every single day and never carry old donuts in stock. We wouldn’t want to eat a stale donut – why should we serve them to you?


Our Donuts are made from quality scratch ingredients and feature homemade recipes for many of our toppings and fillings. Not only is our signature square shape one of a kind, our taste is, too!

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Best Donuts


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Our Donuts are made fresh every day and ready to be enjoyed!
We change our stock daily, but always carry most of the crowd favorites, so check below to see what we’re serving today!

Daily Specials

We make these special donuts only on certain days to keep our selection fresh. Are you daring enough to try these bold flavors?

The Regulars

These guys are available every day. But that doesn’t make them any less special – they’re crowd favorites for a reason!



We make our homemade ice cream in house with REAL ingredients, and we serve it how we like it – packed full of the good stuff!
Here are some of the flavors we have in stock today!

Homemade Ice Cream

Banana Pudding


Caramel Crunch


Coffee Fudge Swirl

Ginger Snap

Key Lime




Strawberry Cheesecake


Triple Chocolate


White Chocolate



Looking for a lighter, dairy-free frozen treat? Our Italian Ice is what you need!
We make all our Italian Ice in house, infusing all our delicious flavors into a frozen water-based mixture.
It’s smooth and delicious!

Italian Ice

Sweeeet Strawberry

Electric Blue Raspberry

Midnight Cherry Chill


Mint Chocolate Chip

Squeeze Me Lemonade

Mango Tango

Monkey’s Dream



Where are we?

1625 East University Drive, Auburn, AL 36830

East University Drive behind McAlister’s Deli, Across from Duck Samford Park


Wed – Sun, 6AM – Until Sold Out or 11AM (Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)


(334) 887-1112




Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located on E. University drive in the shopping center behind McAlister’s Deli and across the street from Duck Samford Stadium.

Q. What are your hours?
A. We are open Sunday and Wednesday through Saturday from 6AM until we sell out of product or 11AM. We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Q. Are your donuts fresh?
A. Yes, we come to work very early every morning and produce fresh new product every day. We don’t like old, stale donuts and we don’t want you to be subjected to them, either.

Q. Can you hold some donuts for me? I’m running late!
A. Yes, we can hold some donuts at any time. Just call us to place a pick up order for the day and we will help you pick from our current stock, or make what you need as soon as possible. If you are cutting it close to closing time, give us a call and we can hold some stuff for you before we close up for the day. We are usually around for at least a half hour past closing tidying up, so you can stop by and pick up your donuts then.

Q. Will you make more donuts later in the day?
A. That all depends on what you want. We produce all our donuts early in the morning during a 4-5 hour long process before opening. This is why we occasionally sell out of certain donuts, because we have to guess our daily production numbers in order to serve fresh donuts every day. In many cases, we have the ability to fill or top donuts by request later in the day if we have run out. When we can, we are happy to fill requests if we have the ability to make them, but filling requests can take up to 10-20 minutes. If you have any questions about what we have left, or want to order a few minutes in advance, please call us before you come visit us and we can have your order waiting for you when you arrive.

Q. Can I place a special order for a donut made a certain way (i.e no powdered sugar on a filled donut)?
A. Yes, as long as we have the ability to make the donut we will be happy to make it for you. You are welcome to call any time to give us a little notice and have a better chance of getting what you want. Otherwise, make sure to arrive early to ensure that we still have untopped/unfilled donuts to make for you. If you want your donuts unglazed, make sure to call us a day ahead of time so we can put some aside for you before we glaze them.

Q. Do you sell donuts by the dozen, half dozen, individually?
A. We sell donuts by the dozen or individually priced. If you reach around 8 or 9 donuts it is generally a better deal to purchase a whole dozen. Our dozens do not include the larger/shaped specialty donuts such as the apple fritters, cinnamon buns, croissants, or character donuts.

Q. Can I order something that you don’t make on a particular day?
A. Yes, feel free to call us with any questions. In most cases we can produce a few for you, but it is always a good idea to give us at least one day notice so we can be sure to have the filling or topping ready. In the case of red velvet or chocolate cake donuts, it may require an order of at least 2 dozen for us to produce them for the day.

Q. Do you serve hot donuts?
A. We do if they are available. Our donuts only stay hot for about 15 minutes after they come out of the fryer, so just ask if we have some available. Most weekdays we are done producing glazed donuts earlier than people like to stop in (around 5 AM), but on most busy Saturdays we usually have some available around 7-8 AM.

Q. Can I order an assortment of donuts?
A. Absolutely! You can purchase them individually if you just want a few, or by the dozen for the best deal. Our dozens are available as a custom dozen where you can pick just about anything (besides the specialty donuts that are too big for the box!), or a Square Deal where we pick a random assortment for you.

Q. What is a Square Deal?
A. A Square Deal is our name for a random assortment of donuts hand picked by us. The Square Deal includes 3 glazed, 3 cake, 3 topped, and 3 filled donuts. They are a little cheaper and quicker than picking out a custom assortment yourself, so they are great for parties or other occasions where you need a good variety at a good price and don’t know exactly what to get.

Q. What is the difference in a Tiger Stripe and a Square John? Which one is a Boston Creme?
A. We prefer not to use “Boston Creme” because the meaning of the term varies depending on where you are. The Tiger Stripe donut is filled with a fluffy, sweet white creme that is similar to an icing. The Square John is like a Long John donut, only square. It is filled with a Bavarian creme filling, similar to a vanilla custard.

Q. Are there discounts on large orders?
A. In order to better provide donuts for everyone, we require 48 hours notice for large discounted orders. This allows us to make preparations for a larger production. We discount each dozen for orders of 10 dozen or more. Please call us for more details and for inquiries about larger orders.

Q. How is your coffee?
A. Tasty! We have regular coffee and a different specialty coffee brewed fresh every day. Some of our specialty varieties include Vanilla Nut, Butter Pecan, Amaretto, and Swiss Chocolate Almond. Our coffee station contains everything you need to make your coffee just how you like it.